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Special events enrich the lives of our students by contributing to a sense of community and making memories that will last a lifetime.  The Humbercrest Allergy Committee appreciates these efforts and wants to support the mission!  The committee’s goal is to help ensure that any food products offered at school-related events are safe and, where uncertainty exists, allow families to make informed decisions about any food their children consume.

Event organizers, school administration and teachers are encouraged to download the Events with Food/Drink Requirements guide for more information.

Online Executive Officer Self-Nomination Form

Deadline to submit is Friday October 6, 2023 at midnight.

Humbercrest Public School Advisory Council

To run for an executive office position, a parent/guardian must complete an Online Executive Officer Self-Nomination Form, including a brief bio and a summary of their reasons for running for the school council.
If parents/guardians do not have access to the online form, please contact the principal to have it completed on their behalf.
The Online Executive Officer Self-Nomination Form must be completed and submitted five days prior to the election, which will be held at the first School Advisory Council Meeting of the school year.
Any parent or guardian of a student enrolled at Humbercrest Public School can run for election as an executive officer, except employees of the TDSB.
No individual campaign literature for council elections may be distributed or posted in the school. School resources, both human and material, may not be used to support particular candidates or groups of candidates.
The election of officers will take place at the first meeting of the School Advisory Council.

Those interested can fill out an Online Executive Officer Self-Nomination Form here.

THANK YOU Party In The Playground 2023 Sponsors!

A big thank you to all our Party in the Playground 2023 Sponsors!

The success of our Party in the Playground is made possible because of the generous support of our community sponsors.
Please join us in thanking the following businesses and be sure to visit their websites for more information: