Dates and Times


Office Hours:                   8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Phone Number:                 416 394 2370

Safe Arrival:                      416 394 2374


Parent Council:        



School Day:

8:55 a.m.                                 Entry Bell

9:00                                         Classes begin

10:40-10:50                             Recess — Grades 1-6

11:30-12:40                             JK/SK Lunch Time

11:40                                       Gr. 1-6 Lunch Time

11:34                                       Gr. 7-8 Lunch Time

12:35 p.m.                               Afternoon Entry Bell

12:40                                       Classes begin

2:20-2:30                                 Recess — Grades 1-6

3:10                                         JK/SK Dismissal

3:14                                         7-8 Dismissal

3:20                                         Gr. 1-6 Dismissal

NOTE: In the event of extreme inclement weather, please do not send your child to school early. Kindergarten parents should bring their child directly to the classroom. Grades 1 to 8 students will be directed to their classroom.

Entry and Dismissal

Junior/Senior Kindergarten students are met by their teachers at their designated doors.

Grades 1-6 students line-up by class and are greeted by teachers, who then walk the class inside. Students who are bussed are met at the bus by Support Staff (Educational Assistants/Special Needs Assistants) and brought into the schoolyard.

Grades 7-8 students enter and exit through designated doors.


Dates to Remember 2017/18

First Day of School                                                              September 4

Professional Activity Day (no school for students)              October 5

Thanksgiving Day                                                                 October 8

Professional Activity Day (no school for students)              November 16

Professional Activity Day (no school for students)              December 7

Winter Break                                                                       December 24 – January 4

Students return to school                                                    January 7

Professional Activity Day (no school for students)              January 18

Professional Activity Day (no school for students)              February 15

Family Day                                                                            February 18

Mid-Winter (March Break)                                                March 11 – 15

Good Friday                                                                          April 19

Easter Monday                                                                      April 22

Victoria Day                                                                          May 20

Professional Activity Day (no school for students)              June 7

Last Day of Classes                                                             June 27

Professional Activity Day (no school for students)               June 28