Arts, Science and Language Programs:

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School Clubs for 2016-2017:

Teacher Students Club Time
M. Caine Gr. 7-8 Students Council All Year
M. Caine Gr. 7-8 West African Drum and Dance October – March
A. Raymond Gr. Library Ambassadors All Year
L. Maldonado Gr. 1-3 Primary Choir November
S. Wong,                   M.E. Le Boudec,           C. Walker Gr. 5-6 Hoop Troop October – April
A. Elkerton, S. Drynan,  C. Nadjer Gr. 6-8 Skipping Team October – April
C. Lyte Yearbook
W. Henderson,          M.E. Le Boudec First Lego League Fall
R. Forte, A. Stevens,     G. Bruinsma-Cajic,         S. Davidson Gr. 1- 8 Eco Schools October – June
S. Drynan, S. Davidson Gr. 5 PALS October – June
K. Riches, J. Newman Gr. 1-5 Intramurals  November – May
I. Barbieri, A. Raymond Gr. 3-8 Forest of Reading January – May
J. Robinson Gr. 7-9 Cooking TBD


Varsity Sports Teams for 2016-2017:

Teacher Students Club Time
S. Drynan, C. Walker Junior/Senior Cross Country September – October
M. Maldonado Senior Girls Football September
M. Maldonado Senior Girls Slo-pitch September
A. Miha Senior Girls Basketball September
M. Maldonado Senior Boys Volleyball November
A. Miha Senior Boys Basketball January
M. Maldonado Senior Girls Volleyball January
M. Maldonado Senior Co-ed Volleyball February
M. Maldonado Senior Badminton March
A. Miha Senior Girls Soccer April
A. Miha Senior Boys Soccer April
S. Drynan Senior Track and Field April
M. Maldonado Senior Ultimate Frisbee April
M. Maldonado Junior Girls Touch Football September
M. Wobowsk, A. Chiu Junior Boys Touch Football September
M. Maldonado Junior Boys Volleyball November
A. Chiu Junior Girls Basketball November
A. Chiu Junior Boys Basketball January
M. Maldonado Junior Girls Volleyball November
M. Maldonado Junior Co-ed  Volleyball February
A. Miha Junior Girls Soccer April
A. Miha Junior Boys Soccer April
B. Bennett Junior Ultimate Frisbee April

Intramural Sports for 2016-2017

K. Riches, J. Newman Gr. 1-6 various sports November to May