Parent Council Sub-Committees

Parent Council determines which committees are needed each year.  These sub-committees are the “working groups” of our school council, the potential of which is limited only by your energy and enthusiasm. With a recently expanded roster of committees, to meet the diverse interests and talents of our school community, we hope you will find something that catches your eye! Please join us in enriching our children’s educational experience at Humbercrest Public School.  To join a committee, simply attend an upcoming meeting, contact the committee chair through the links below, or e-mail


SoFun (Social Fundraising) Committee

SoFun is a committee of parent volunteers at Humbercrest whose purpose is to present fun, social events and to raise funds for materials and programs that directly benefit all students. Thanks to the incredible support of the Humbercrest community last year our SoFun fundraising events, including Pizza Days, the QSP Magazine Campaign, Dance-a-thon and Family Bingo Night we raised $31,000 for the school. In past years, SoFun funds were used to purchase hard goods such technology and musical instruments but also provide arts and STEM presentations. There are several ‘fun-raising’ activities throughout the school year that allow all students to participate including Breakfast with Santa, Junior Movie Day, Carnaval and Party in the Playground.  Throughout the school year requests are made calling for volunteers to help at all of the events listed above. Please consider giving your time to raise some fun and some funds! Please contact Irene Papadimitriou or Kristen Juschkewitsch at for further information.

­ Caring & Safe Schools Committee

This committee includes a broad spectrum of activities including the Drop Zone Program and Anaphylaxis/Allergy Awareness. Parental support of the administration and staff effort to make the school a safer environment is critical. Co-ordinated parental initiatives for enhanced safety measures can aid our principals and custodians in obtaining more timely results in building maintenance and repairs. Parents can play an important role as advocates and watchdogs for issues surrounding student safety. For further information, please contact Katherine Dillion at

Environment & Sustainability Committee

The Environment Committee exists to promote environmental consciousness, and Earth stewardship, in the school community by supporting students, staff and parents/caregivers in making sustainable choices in their daily activities at school and home. The goal of this committee is to work with the school community, including teachers, the school administration, as well as relevant clubs and committees, in encouraging reduction of the school’s environmental footprint, providing environmental and ecological learning opportunities for the students and supporting them in achieving Platinum Eco-Schools status.  As part of its’ activities, the Environment Committee promotes special environmental days to raise student and parent awareness and participation, such as: “Walk & Roll to School Day” (and habit);  weekly schoolyard and yearly neighbourhood clean-up; Boomerang Lunches; Pizza Day Green Bin pilot program; Household Carbon Footprint Survey Contest; WWF Sweater Day in February; Earth Hour in March; Earth Day and Week Festival in April. If you are interested in getting involved, please talk to Georgina Bruinsma-Cajic or contact us at

Grant & Corporate Donation Committee

There are many untapped public and private funding sources available for educational and community projects. Last year our school received a CST grant to buy tablets and media equipment for the school ($5000) and a First Lego League Grant to set up a Humbercrest Hawks Robotics program for our students. This committee strives to bring together parents with strong writing and advocacy skills to research and prepare grant applications for school funds. Grant and corporate donations are increasingly important ways to enrich schools’ resources and student experiences. If you are interested in further information, please contact to get involved.

STEM Committee (Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics)

This committee collaborates with the school to provide students with hands-on science, mathematics, and technology opportunities. If you are a math/science/computer-geek at heart, we need you! Last year saw the introduction of the prestigious Engineer-In-Residence program at our school. The committee conducted a tech-audit of the existing technology within the school to identify current and future needs. Committee members are currently working on a new website for school council. AND, as reported last spring, Humbercrest has been approved to start up a team for the First Lego Robotics League this school year!  There has been great interest in the program from students and parents, and we’re pumped about Humbercrest being represented in this international program, but in order to make it happen this year we need volunteers!! Please contact Doug Morgan or Eric Nethercot at to get involved.

Communications Committee

The primary role of the Communications Committee is to maintain the parent e-mail distribution list and ensure parents receive information electronically in a timely manner.  Class Parent Liaisons are also selected each Fall and work with the chair to keep parent e-mails updated and to help send out class and grade-specific information.  Within the committee there is also a Web Manager who oversees including the online payment processing Store.  There is a need for additional web editors to add/edit copy for the web site!  Other projects that fall within communications include: update the parent handbook content on the website each summer, assist with media relations and marketing for special events as they arise, and execute an online parent survey each June.  This committee does not have meetings but works virtually.  If you would like to join the team, contact committee co-chairs, Laurie Lyle or Thomas Silcox-Childs at