Social & Fundraising Activities




Humbercrest Public School has a great social and fundraising roster of events and activities throughout the year!  Participating in local school activities can be a fun and valuable experience for parents and students alike. In addition to raising money for the school or a cause, school events can be a creative and collaborative effort of parents, students, teachers and the school community.

WANT TO JOIN? You can either volunteer to help with the planning of the event, or simply sign-up to volunteer on the day of the event.  Whichever you choose, contact Kristen Juschkewitsch at or SIGN-UP now online.  You can also reach-out to the event Leads if listed below.

2019-2020 Calendar of Events (subject to change)

Parent Pub Night at High Park Brewery – Friday, November 15 at 8pm (LEADS: Lesley Scullion and Sandra Carr)

Movie Night (JK-3) – Friday, November 29 (LEAD: Heather Sinclair)

Holiday Spirit Day/Pancake Breakfast (JK-3) – Friday, December 20 (LEAD: Irene Papadimitriou)

Movie Night – Friday, February 7 (tentative) (LEAD: Heather Sinclair)

Talent Show (1-8): Friday, February 28 (LEADS: Johanna Weaver and Melissa Venton)

Family Bingo Night (2 sessions) – Friday, March 6

Dance-a-Thon (JK-8) – Thursday, April 9 (tentative) (LEAD: Julie Lejeune)

Party-in-the-Playground – Thursday, June 4 (LEADS: Lesley Scullion and Sandra Carr)

Volunteer & Teacher Appreciation Breakfast – Friday, June 19