Welcome | Bienvenue

Welcome to Humbercrest Public School     Bienvenue à l’écoleHumbercrest

Students at Humbercrest achieve success through:

  • Regular attendance (present and on time)
  • Focused attention in class (on-task)
  • Completion of assignments
  • Positive behavior, positive attitude
  • Positive relationships and open communication between home and school

Children learn best when they are focused on their learning, feel safe, accepted, listened to and comfortable at school. Our school Code of Conduct, School Rules and Dress Code, help guide children in making good, healthy decisions. Please take time to review this information with your child. It is important that students understand and are committed to the positive environment we strive to achieve, and knowing that families are part of this understanding is important.

Let’s all work together to make 2016/27 a successful, enriching and fun school year!


Ann Perez, Principal

Shauna Davidson, Vice-Principal

Nasim Rehemtulla, Office Administrator

Teresa Pasquali, Secretary