Financial Report / About Fundraising

2022 Proposal For Spending Fundraising Money

1. French novels
2. Orton Gillingham instructors
3. Mural
4. Workshop Series – Equity training on Anti-Oppression


School Generated Funds Guidelines

Fundraising is considered any local school activity that generates revenue and/or in-kind resources, such as the sale of products and services, charitable donations, grants and sponsorships. Fundraising does not support basic education requirements but rather enhance programs and support school initiatives or other external causes.

Fundraising Expenditures:

Our fundraising objectives are to spend the greatest proportion of Council funds on projects which collectively, over the long term, benefit the largest number of students and to only utilize funds when there are insufficient funds available from other sources, including the Principal and the School board.

Our fundraising initiatives at Humbercrest fall into three categories: SoFun activities (short for social fundraising) , public and corporate grants, and individual and corporate donations.  Click here to review the 2018-2019 Financial Summary of fundraising revenue, compared to the previous year.  If you have any questions regarding the report, please contact our Parent Council Treasurer, Jim Witty, at [email protected].